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Simple Style
Simple design is a combination of traditional and contemporary design. It’s a popular design choice for those who love traditional design but still want to have the highlight in modern style.
Color: soft and warm neutrals colors are used to ground the space.
Material: Wood is used as the main material, combined with materials with different modern styles. 
Modern Style
Modern style is inspired by contemporary art. Modern interior design is also generally very simple with few ornamental flourishes in geometric shapes, including rigid squares and rectangles along with art curves.
Color: Neutral colors and shades of black and white throughout the home are mainly used. Materials: It often combines different kinds of materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass and plastic.  
European Style
Inspiration from classic style, European-style brings luxurious, warm and romantic feeling for users.
The perfect curve, meticulous details make users feel comfortable.
Color: Mainly use yellow and warm colors
Material: Beautiful colored marble combines with stone, copper and gold  
Mediterranean Style
 Mediterranean style takes its influence from the sunny countries in the area of Mediterranean sea. Italian, Spain and Greek styles are major inspiration to the design of the classic Mediterranean style.
Color: Warm, landscape-inspired colors. It is usually cobalt blues, earthy terra-cottas, ochre yellows, dusky lavenders.
Material: Wood is used as the main material, combined with materials with different modern styles. Most furniture in this style grouping is large, heavy and rustic or hand carved.