European Style Two Bedroom




The product is made with honeycomb structure and enhanced compression. It has luxurious handle design, nice sculpture and interesting 3D painting. It has many drawers for multi-use.

Origin Import
Size 3210x1830x780 cm
It is made by the elegant white wood texture to bring romantic feeling. The drawers are delicately designed and practical. In addition, the handles are delicately designed. Good quality hinge will be easier to use.
Origin Import
Size 1825/2750x398x388



Table surface is made by granite solid so it is easy to clean. In addition to the luxurious design, the edges are designed rounded to make it safety to users. The product is classic European style, sculpture lively, solid and extremely noble structure.

Origin Import
Size 1500x800x750



The product has elegant European style. The bed is covered with polish leather adds a sense of nobility. With full pads and high elasticity, it makes user feel more comfortable.

Origin Import
Size 2175x1918x1084



It has elegant European style. The bed is covered with polish leather adds a sense of nobility. With full pads, high elasticity, it makes user a comfortable feel.

Origin Import
Size 2130x1670x1248



The Samsung Led TV is a Samsung 40-inch TV that has image-processing capabilities thanks to advanced technology.
Not only is Full HD resolution for detailed and crisp image, crisp images, the Samsung Led TV also features a 2-speaker DTS sound system that will give you an enjoyable listening experience with music or movies.

Brand name Samsung
Colour Black
Screen size  40 inches
Resolution Full HD (1920x1080 pixels)
Integration DVB-T2 digital receiver
 Frequency scan 100Hz
Audio Technology DTS Premium
Connector 2 HDMI and 1 USB
Smart TV No
Be designed with modern style and diverse models, the products are made from high quality materials and imported to bring a great experience for users.
Carpet Material: velvet fabric
Thickness: 1.2cm
Bedroom: 1
Living room 1

2m3 x 4m

Decorative paintings & Wallpaper

Orgin Vietnam
Dimension (40x80)cm x 3 units 
(40x120)cm x 1 unit
Bowls & Chopsticks
Minh Long White Camellia Porcelain 23 products include
Rice bowls 6 units
Platters 6 units
Sauce bowls 6 units
Round plate 20 cm x 1 unit
Round plate 27 cm x 2 units
Plate of soup 23cm x 1 unit
Bowl 20 cm x 1 unit
Inox Shelf dishes 2 floors
Size 30x70x42cm
Wood chopsticks
Amount 5 pairs / pack
Spoon (Big)
Amount 1 unit
Set tea
Model White Daisy 0.45L
Teapot 0.45 L: 1 piece
Cup 0.07 L: 6 pieces
Plate split lining 11 cm 6 pieces
MORIITALIA full set includes:

Large spoons 4
 Tea spoons 4
Big fork 4
Small fork 4
Towel handle
Model  Inox towel rack bathroom 2 floors
Size 57x15x20 cm
Weigh 0.9 Kg

Trash bin

Model Trash bin
Capacity 5L
Style Polish casing premium
Bathroom 1 pcs
Kitchen 1 pcs

Manufacturer Kangaroo
Type of cooker Mechanical
Capacity 1.8 L
Power 700 W
Material of inside pot Anti-stick
Cooker mode Normal rice
Dimensions 285x285x283 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Pot (Big)

Manufacturer Goldsun
Size: 24 cm
Material Aluminium
Anti-stick layer Dupont Usa
Coating Heat resistant paint
Cover Tempered glass
Nipple Inox and plastic wrap
Frying pan

Manufacturer Kangaroo
Size 24x24x10 cm
Manufacturer Electrolux 
Refrigerator type Bottom stone compartment
Number of cabinet doors 2 doors
Refrigerator capacity 320L
Ice cube cabinet capacity 83L
Refrigerant cabinet capacity 237L
Refrigerator power 145 W
Deodorant Deo Fresh Technology
Size 740x630x1690 mm

Manufacturer MIDEA
Origin China
Type Microwave oven
Capacity 20L
Power 700W-1000W
Main function Hot, thaw, bake
Mechanical control panel
Electric Kettle

Manufacturer Sunhouse
Capacity 1.5 l
Power 1500 W
Dimensions 20x16x20
Manufacturer Electrolux
Power 930 W
Material Stainless steel
Heating Technology Heat
Convection No
Timer function Yes

Manufacturer Electrolux
Color Black
Number of cabinet doors 2 doors
Origin China
Type of oven Oven barrel
Capacity 38L
Power 1500 W
Washing machine & Laundry basket
Manufacturer Electrolux
Design Horizontal door
Washing Volume 6-7Kg
Technology Magic Ball
Rotation speed 850 rpm
Language English - Vietnamese
Child safety lock Yes
Timer setting Yes
Warning sound Yes
Power 2200W
Production Thailand
Material Stainless steel
Clothe smart hanger system
Manufacturer Hoa Phat
Material Aluminumluminum alloy
Capacity 50 Kg
Quantity 80/bar hole
Puli transmission, Puli direction, stainless steel cable traction with large stretching
Manufacturer Sun House
Power 1800W
Size 28x29x57 cm
Color Blue
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Table for laundry

Model Ohima
Size 300x1150x100 mm